GPH aims to be the leading Digital Transformation and Financing group in the world.

Prime Minister of Barbados H.E. Mia Mottley Barbados Government Engagement
President of the Republic of Zambia H.E. Hakainde Hichilema Zambia Presidential Visit
The Zambia Presidential Summit. State House, Lusaka, Zambia

GPH has global coverage with partnerships spread across continents of the world and leading in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other emerging technology developments in emerging markets.


The main goal is to evaluate, educate and empower through cutting edge emerging technology innovations.


Providing digital, financing and policy solutions that are inclusive and sustainable.

GPH has Global Coverage

What We Do.

Government Engagements

Regulation & Policy Formation |
Economic Integration |
Diversification |
Government Financing

African Continental Free Trade Area

Africa Economic integration |
Africa Digital Transformation |
Digital Capacity Building

Digital Economy

Artificial Intelligence |
Blockchain |
Data |
Build Blockchain & AI Products

Africa Connections

African business Advisory |
Market Entry Africa |
Investment Projects Africa |
African Investment Pipeline |
Corporate & Government linkages

Women Empowerment

Blockchain4Women |
10 million women Digital Trade –
Web 3 impact initiative |
Financial Literacy & Leadership Programmes

Events & Conferences

Invest in Africa |
Digital Assets |
Africa Central Bank Digital Currency Week |
Digital Trade Forum

Digital Skils Education

Digital Transformation |
Artificial Intelligence |
Blockchain – Crypto |
Digital Financing

Investments & Financing

Fundraising – Government & Business |
Impact Investments |
Women-led Financing |
Diaspora Finance

Intelligence & Data

Cutting-Edge Research & Data gathering I
Knowledge dissemination & Exchange I
Intelligence gathering

Our Values

In all we do at the Global Policy House we value our planet and all our people  delivering the best results working with the best people. Our work and activities are supported by our set of strong values and principles by which the Global Policy House adheres to.

  • Global and United
  • Innovative and Impactful
  • Credible and Socially driven
  • Professional and Diplomatic
  • Strategic and Data Driven